A party is nothing without the music.

We are one of Irelands most exciting wedding and party bands.
Whether you are preparing to walk down the aisle or you are hosting a private family celebration, the right music will make any event a memorable one.
The 45s have a reputation for thrilling partygoers and packing dance floors. From the start of the celebration until the very last dance of the night, we ensure that every guest has a thrilling time during every part of the celebration.
Unlike other party bands that only specialise in one genre of music, we appeal to every taste preference. Our song list options include everything from motown to modern chart music. We can meet with you to discuss your playlist in order to customise our performance for your wants and needs.
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About Us

The 45s are a Dublin based weddings & events band formed in 2016. Our musicians are passionate about creating memorable events at an affordable, fair price. Their talent and experience guarantee that every 45s event is seamless, so couples & clients can focus on partying rather than stressing over the details.
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