Lets face it. There is no substitute for the excitement and energy that a live band can provide at your wedding.

Choosing the perfect band for your wedding is so important and getting it right can lead to a lifetime of great memories. Sure, the music is only one of the elements which contribute to the perfect wedding, but that doesn’t finding the best wedding band is a task that will take care of itself. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of things to consider when hiring a wedding band in Ireland.

So what should you look for when hiring a wedding band?


Firstly, you should check out their repertoire or setlist and see if it matches your tastes or expectations. Since your wedding will see you entertaining countless guests, it is so important to ensure you provide something for everyone, both young and old! If there is a particular song you would love to hear on your special day, be sure to let your wedding band know well in advance so they can add your request to the setlist.

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Can your wedding band get the party going and more importantly, keep it going?


Here at The 45s, we pride ourselves on our unmatched ability to not only get the party started, but to keep it going. Our services include not only the reception, but we also provide music perfectly suited to the ceremony itself, as well as providing a DJ to take the party into the early hours. It is this all inclusive package which makes us stand out as one of Irelands best wedding bands, and the perfect choice to make your special day that little bit more special.

What should be on the setlist?


Most wedding bands are very experienced and know exactly what songs work and what don’t. So, our advice would be to trust your band. Despite this, we’re always open to suggestions! After all, your wedding night is your special night and ultimately you should choose the music which is played at it. Thankfully, our repertoire features a mix of classic hits and contemporary hits which are sure to get everyone up and dancing, singing along all night long. As well as this, if you’re unsure as to what music you would like at your wedding, we are more than happy to suggest a tried and tested setlist which is guaranteed to make your night a memorable one.

Every wedding is unique and the music you choose allows you to express your own identity and create the most perfect night possible! So if you would like to find out how The 45s can help make your wedding night that little bit more special, why not get in touch with us today!

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